Ramp Foraging for the New York Times

Reporter Indrani Sen and I followed ramp foragers deep into the Catskill mountains, to write and photograph a story for the New York Times’s Dining section. Standing in the forest, surrounded by acres of the pungent wild greens, I did wonder if I was seeing something that would be legendary a generation from now. Read Indrani’s thought-provoking article on the danger of over-foraging to feed a populace with a growing passion for wild, local foods, and here are some of my outtakes from the shoot. If you have land of your own, consider planting your own ramps. Seed & bulbs available here.

Handfuls of very early spring ramps.
Forager Christopher Field, left, and farmer-forager Rick Bishop, right, in the Catskill mountains in early spring.
Forager Ken McGuire forages for ramps in Ulster County, NY
Young ramps, cleaned in the river.

Published by Jennifer May

Jennifer May is a food photographer based in New York's Hudson Valley and Brooklyn.

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