Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I spent a week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, just for fun. Fun, of course, being the photo walks I took in between reading and beach strolls. May is mango season, and I ate the juiciest, freshest mangoes I’ve ever tasted. Below are two grids with my favorite food and street scenes. Puerto Vallarta is totally dependent on tourism, but retains its own identity. It’s a town where you might come across a man running down the street with a severed, skinned bull’s head (below), and three blocks away another man is dressed up like a blue shrimp, trying to lure diners into a restaurant called The Blue Shrimp (not shown).

Grapefruit trees at the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden, coconut truck, margarita, salsa, chips, street meat, mangoes, flan for breakfast, papayas at the market
Street & beach scenes in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
The less and the well beaten paths. I came across this man running with the bull’s head to the butcher shop (left), beachfront (right).

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