Respect to Farmers

After I woke to discover the deer had crashed through my vegetable garden fence and eaten everything – I mean everything…. every green tomato, tomato leaf, potato leaves & stems, whole calendula plants, the flowering anenome, my rose bush, entire bean bushes, the tomatillo plant, basil, parsley, and things I can’t even remember I had planted anymore… I decided to harvest the purple potatoes.

Months of tending & watering the 12 or so plants resulted in the bounty below. Next year I may just plant flowers and leave the vegetable growing to my CSA.

Published by Jennifer May

Jennifer May is a food photographer based in New York's Hudson Valley and Brooklyn.

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  1. We have a (so far) deer-proof fence, but a woodchuck has been my nemesis this year. That, and the tree that crashed into the garden during Irene. I still think it’s worth it to grow food, though. I’m so glad the spuds worked out. They look great!

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