Meetings, Pied-a-Terre & a Rep

Yesterday was one of those busy & fun days. It started with a drive to NYC to meet with a photo editor at a major national magazine who had called me the day before and asked me to come see her. It was an out-of-the-blue request and you know that when you get one of those, you drop everything and go. So I gathered a bunch of unpublished photos from upcoming cookbooks and tailor-made a portfolio on my iPad to show her. Turns out, she had called me on the strength of the photos in one of the book galleys that had landed on her desk. The meeting took a turn for the amazing when she responded to my portfolio with, “Yes! That is exactly what we are looking for.” I mean, only in dreams, right?

Here is a sneak preview of those unpublished photos, from Alana Chernila’s upcoming book, The Homemade Pantry:

The day continued with a trip to Williamsburg, to visit our new pied-a-terre. We rented it sight unseen, based on high recommendations, price and location, and as low as my expectations were, they were met 100-fold. There are a few bars in walking distance, an organic produce store, and a couple of cafes… it’s a new and exciting stomping ground for multi-day work trips in NYC, which are becoming more and more common.

Then, I received an email from a rep, of sorts, letting me know I’ve been accepted into their group and am now officially listed online. It’s called Wonderful Machine, and they sound like a terrific bunch of promoters. They are going to reach out to people on my behalf, and what’s not great about that! Here is my listing page:

And finally, one more meeting with a private client for a photo shoot in the spring. A full day, packed with promise.

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