My Edible Garden

When I’m not photographing food, I can often be found in my garden. This garden is only two years old, and half of it is terraced onto a south facing hillside recently overrun with barberry bushes and wisteria vines.

We grow: blueberries, black currants, raspberries, kiwi berry vine, gooseberry, tiny Alpine strawberries, and trees of pear, persimmon and native paw paw. We have flowers to attract pollinators.

I’m not serious about growing vegetables. We get more than we can eat from our local CSA, Hearty Roots, but we grow what is entertaining for a toddler to pick: pole beans, peas, and cherry tomatoes. An ornamental squash climbs a teepee.

This garden follows Lee Reich‘s weedless technique, and for about $200 I installed an automatic watering system. We turn the timer on in the spring, and off in the fall. I want my daughter to experience growing and picking food, as I did…minus the tedious hours of weeding & watering.

black currants
Black currants draped in bridal tulle to protect the berries from the birds.


bowl of berries
Study in blue: blueberries, black currants, beans.
picking peas
Picking peas at Hearty Roots Farm.
cherry tomatoes
Ripening heirloom cherry tomatoes and PJ hydrangeas.
garden flowers
Random flowers: from rose to last year’s unharvested leek bulb (right)
squash blossom
Growing up: beans and ornamental squash trained onto poles.

Published by Jennifer May

Jennifer May is a food photographer based in New York's Hudson Valley and Brooklyn.

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