Mini-Vacation on Block Island, RI

Sometimes a mini-vacation is all you have time for, and all you need. My in-laws love Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island. They visit at least once a year, and they always ask us along, but between work & life schedules, it’s been about 10 years since Chris and I were there. Earlier this month, we made them very happy when we all found time for a long weekend together. It was my brother-in-law’s 30th birthday, so he and his girlfriend also took time away from their busy jobs in NYC. The drive is just a few hours, the ferry is an hour, and off-season you are rewarded with wide open, empty sandy beaches.

Block Island RI ferry
A ferry shuttling people from the mainland to Block Island
Beach on Block Island RI
Me in my beach best black capris
Kite flying on the beach
What mini-vacations are made of: sandcastles and kites

We packed our cars full of our favorite foods to cook (bone-out rib eye steaks & hamburgers from the Applestone Meat Company, endless salads, asparagus and ingredients for another attempt at BĂ©arnaise sauce), and we bought fresh lobsters from the local fish purveyor, Finn’s. We flew kites, walked on the beach, dug holes in the sand, breathed deep of the salty air, grilled, and went to bed early.

I aspire to take more mini-vacations. I want to explore in short bursts. NYC & Brooklyn I see a lot. Boston we visit maybe once a year. Last year we rented a tiny cottage on a bay in Mystic, CT. If anybody can recommend great spots withing a 4-hour driving radius of the Hudson Valley, let me know.

sand castles on beach

Finns Fish Market
Fresh from Finn’s Fish Market. These lobsters were fiesty.

Grilling on Block Island RI
Steaming lobsters

Steamed lobsters
Freshly steamed lobster
Toddler tries lobster claw
My girl’s first taste of lobster

Block Island RI Beach
Block Island RI


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