Pacific Northwest, Summer 2016

This July, we returned to my homeland, in Canada’s Pacific Northwest. I have already made a couple of posts about this trip, below, but before the summer completely gets away from me, I wanted to collect a bunch of images together. Below, in order of appearance: The wide open beaches of Tofino, BC. The view from the new family home on Hornby Island, BC (complete with rainbow). My brother, the permaculture farmer. The view from where we stayed 10 nights on Cortes Island, BC. The seaplane that delivered friends from Vancouver. My sister running with her dog. My dad swimming. A last bonfire on the beach. My girl looking out the ferry window. July, Pacific Northwest, I miss you.

Tofino BC Pacific Northwesttofino ocean jennifer may food photographer Pacific NorthwestHornby Island British Columbia Jennifer Maydigging for potatoesdigging for potatoesheart potato by Jennifer Maygarlic hanging in a farmchard in the farm gardencortes island bc Pacific Northwestsea plane on the waterswimming in the pacific ocean pacific northwestrunning on the beach with dogpacific ocean swimmingbonfire on the beachferry boat by Jennifer May Pacific Ocean

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