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Hornby Island Farm Holiday

We took a quick trip to visit my family and the Hornby Island farm this December. We spent the holidays with friends & family, and we checked in on The Earth Lab, my family’s farm project. This winter, my brother is starting mushrooms in the greenhouse. Sheets of insulating foil are laid out over wood chips and earth, and under that, millions of mushroom spores are developing into mycelium, which look like long white threads. In the spring, my brother will transplant those threads. He is excited about increasing the biodiversity of the forest. I am excited about the possibility of a big harvest during our next visits. I look forward to picking, cooking and eating copious amounts of oyster mushrooms and shiitakes, and another which sounds promising: The Garden Giant.

hornby island farm Jennifer May photo
My brother in his greenhouse in winter. Beneath the foil insulation, millions of mushroom spores are developing into mycelium.
farmer in greenhouse with mycelium Jennifer May photo
My brother showing one of his winter projects – mycelium developing in a pot of wood chips. These will later be transplanted into the forest.
mycelium mushroom spores
Mushroom spores developing into mycelium in a winter greenhouse
farmer child carrots
Digging up carrots from a winter garden


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