Homemade Crackers

Inspired after two days shooting with a food stylist, food stylist’s assistant, prop stylist, and author, I spent a day cooking in my own the kitchen. Six hours – and several trays – later I have baked what I consider to be one perfect whole wheat cracker. It is a riff on a recipe from Good to the Grain, and it has a satisfying crunch and flavor.

homemade crackers good to the grain food photography

How to Plant Garlic (Audio Slide Show)

Planting garlic is extremely easy. Put single cloves into the ground in the fall, and harvest full bulbs the next summer. A farmer friend came to visit me in Woodstock, NY, and planted garlic in my deer-proof garden. We took photos and captured sound and made this very brief slide show for anyone else who has never planted garlic before.

Watch and listen to the very brief (1.5 min) audio slide show here.

how to plant garlic
Garlic cloves separated from the bulb, ready to be planted


Kendra McKnight, of Magpie Kitchen, introduced me to mackerel ceviche. It was a refreshing homecoming after a week of butter-dipped lobsters and clams, cheese-baked oysters, and cream-based mussel chowder on Prince Edward Island. I borrowed her recipe and lime-cured a version.

Tuna ceviche


After a week-long journey – by train – to Prince Edward Island, Canada, to photograph oyster, mussel, and lobster fishermen with the chefs and writer of the Joe Beef cookbook, I stayed with friends Kendra & Joost in Montreal.

Kendra just finished a two year stint at a culinary school and she has been cooking private parties around Montreal and styling food for magazines and newspapers. We photographed the food she cooked for us to eat. For this rhubarb tart recipe visit Magpie Kitchen

Rhubarb from the market
Rhubarb chunks and sugar for roasting
Rhubarb tart with a cream cheese & whipped cream filling
At Kendra’s house Rhubarb tart is the first course of three for breakfast
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