Canoe Hill Restaurant in the Hudson Valley

I recently visited the Canoe Hill Restaurant on assignment for Hudson Valley Magazine. The restaurant is owned by Michael DelGrosso and his wife, Lauren Lancaster. They are Hudson Valley transplants, via Brooklyn, where Michael helped create the aesthetic of many of Manhattan’s and Brooklyn’s most beautiful restaurants. I only wish he would bring his eye to Woodstock. I would be a regular.

Canoe Hill Restaurant bar

cherries at bar

homemade butter on toast

lemons in bowl canoe hill restaurant

whole fish on plate

canoe hill restaurant interior

Hudson Valley Dining Issue

In January, I visited 8 restaurants for the annual Dining issue of Hudson Valley magazine. Here is the cover and table of contents page I shot. The multi-item plate image was done at one of the most interesting restaurants where you will never eat: Damon Baehrel’s Basement Bistro – located in the middle of nowhere and yet has a 3-year wait list. Baehrel cooks what he calls “native harvest” cuisine which features meats cured in pine needles and root vegetables cooked in the soil in which they grew. Check out the caption below.

Photo by Jennifer May

Damon Baehrel's meats & vegetables plate at the Basement Bistro in Earlton, NY: Top of plate: Pineneedle Cured Pork Shoulder with sauce of Wild Burdock Root & Cauilflower Powder & Smoked Cedar-Berry Melted Cabbage. Center of plate: Left = Cold Frame Bordeaux Spinach with wild Dandelion Powder; Center = 2-Hour Slow roasted Brussels Sprout; Right = Baked "Dried Fava Bean Flour Battered" Sweet Onion with Frost Sweetened Chantanay Carrot Puree. Bottom of Plate: 6-Hour Sumac Chicken with sauce of "Rutabaga that was cooked in the soil it was grown in" & Carrot-Water Shallots.
Food stories in New York's Hudson Valley and beyond from photographer Jennifer May