Tulsi Tincture Video

This summer I spent the better part of July on the west coast of Canada. It was a work trip combined with a family trip. One of the projects I worked on was this short video, which demonstrates how to make a fresh tulsi tincture.

Tulsi, also called Holy Basil, is a sacred plant in India. It has been used for thousands of years for detox, to help alleviate stress, and to increase stamina. My sister uses tulsi in her Ayurvedic practice.  My brother grows the herb in his greenhouse at the Earth Lab on Hornby Island. I photograph food stories. We put our passions together and this is one of the projects we created.

Restorative Agroforestry in Honduras

A shout-out to my brother, Ryan May, who is living in Honduras and planting a 3-acre garden for a community of people living in desperate poverty. In four months Ryan – and the small team of eager children and inexperienced adults he has patched together – have planted 3000 pineapple plants, 1.5KM of sugarcane, 700 bananas and plantain, 500 papayas, 100 passion fruit, cacao, tamarind, and more. To see Ryan’s photos of the project visit his blog. (Mind the nude under-the-waterfall shot.)

Ryan May, agroforester. Photographed on Salt Spring Island, B.C.
The train Ryan rides to access the community & garden. After the train was robbed and people’s shoes were stolen, he bought a motorbike.
Ryan bought watering cans for the residents and is teaching them how to care for their new plants. Here are Edwin and Carlito.
Food stories in New York's Hudson Valley and beyond from photographer Jennifer May